Piano Teeth


August 5, 2020

Hello Gorgeous Creeps.


I hope this finds you as well as you possibly can be. We are back with a story bang and this one is an absolute brain cracking banger.


In this fantastical audio delight we throw ourselves down the plug hole and end up in the town of Cliffton, which is apparently a lovely place in summer. There we meet Taylor the Tailor who won't let his son, Darren out of his sight. However, due to tragic circumstances, Darren's opportunity arises and after an excitable first visit to the pub he finds himself blundering, naked round a graveyard at the top of a cliff. After being woken by a questionable gravedigger Darren realizes that he's woken up in heaven where he is reunited with his father, whose become an angel. Darren doesn't know what Sheep are you see. Poor lad. Convinced that he is the new messiah Darren heads back to the town of Cliffton (lovely place in Summer) and convinces the people to follow him, up to heaven. Where paradise surely awaits. Are the townsfolk really going to believe a naked man who claims to talk to Sheep? What could possibly go wrong? Are Sheep really liars? And why is Prince Harry breaking down toilet doors? Find out for yourselves and put this in your ears you sexy scumbags.


Featuring Viking Mercenaries, Priests, Belinda Carlisle, Heaven, Squirrels playing the piano, Prince Harry, The Wonky Dungeon, Sheep, Angels, Graveyards, Sheep, Whiskey, Tailors, Sheep and so, so much more.


Many thanks to Tim Karp for the music in this Eargasm, even if it was through blackmail he did a great job. Check out his wealth of melodic projects here: https://www.timkarp.com/


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The artwork was created by Chris R. Wright (@chrisrwright)

The sound design was by Matteo Musetti (@4get2eat)


This is a Piano Teeth production

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