Piano Teeth


August 14, 2020

Hello gorgeous creeps! Here we are once again with a brand new audio delight for you to trickle into your ears. My apologies for the delay in this one. After a big night on the bleach Jasper the Toad swallowed the microphone. Had to wait a couple of days for it to make its way out. And you can't rush these things.

In this marvelous episode, we take a departure from the usual and rather than me just telling you a tale, we end up in the midst of three voices, all talking to each other. One of them believes that he's the direct descendent of King Arthur. But who are the other two? And how do you know if you're a King? And what the hell is going on? You'll have to stick this wonderful audio experiment in your ears and find out.

Many thanks to Lucy Mangan (@looseymango) for the direction on this one. Without her Jasper would've been all over the place. Her Kit-Kat is in the post.

Thanks as ever to Chris R. Wright (@chrisrwright) for his artwork.

And Matteo Musetti (@4get2eat) for his sound design.

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Until next time my sexy scumbags.

And be well.

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