Piano Teeth


August 19, 2020

Hello Gorgeous Creeps!

It is I, Piano Teeth. The voice inside your head. Back once again with a barnstorming audio-delight that will completely and utterly blow your socks off.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to take a short break after this one. You'll hear why but I need to lay low for a little while. But don't worry, I have grown fond of trickling into your ears and I know how much I mean to you. I will be back my sexy scumbags. I will be back.

In this episode, I discuss therapy with Jasper the Toad then try and tell the story of Sir David Attenborough's Magic Cans. However, my frequency is hacked by 1 Radio DJ, Dave Chris, who begins trying to take over your brain. I have no choice but to embark on an incredibly dangerous journey, through the radio waves, encountering other Radio DJ's along the way. But Dave Chris has pop sensation Larry Piles in the studio and he's growing stronger and stronger. Will I be able to save your mind in time? Listen and find out.

Featuring Sir David Attenborough, Crypto-zoology, Gorilla-Hawks, Gerard Depardieu, The Shipping Forecast, Therapy, Theseus, Breakfast Bing Bong, Mental Health, Celebrities, Graham Norton and so much more.

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And please check out the website https://www.pianoteeth.co.uk/ you'll find all sorts there. Including a gallery of scribblings created by the listeners and inspired by my dulcet tones. Why not send me one yourself?

A tidal wave of thanks must be sent to Matteo Mussetti (@4get2eat) for his loving sound design and making all this possible. And to Chris R. Wright (@chrisrwright) for doing mine and Jasper's portrait. Even if it was through blackmail. And I suppose thanks must be sent your way, for putting me in your ears and letting me meander around your mind. Until next time. Be Well!

This audio delight is bought to you by Dickie's Meat Drop. Where your meat matters.

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