Piano Teeth


May 26, 2021

Hello Gorgeous Creeps!

It is I, Piano Teeth, that voice inside your head. Back once again with an eargasm that'll leave you desperate for me.

I'm sorry I was away for so long. I've been on the run you see. But I'm back now and don't worry. You'll never have to do without me for so long ever again as I shall now be releasing a new audio delight once a month! That's right, you'll have a brand new, original, marvellous, hilarious adventure to put in your ears and allow to run riot round your brain on a far more regular basis. What do you think of that?

In this tremendous tale we encounter Instagram influencing, millennial cannibals. Who are undoubtedly on the right side of history. Featuring; Che Guevara, Landlords, Jackson Pollack, Murder, Thai Green Curry, Cannibalism, Sex and so much more.

This episode is proudly bought to you by Terror Tours. A company dedicated to finding your perfect Terrorist organisation.

Please donate to my bleach fund: https://ko-fi.com/pianoteeth

And by all means, follow me: @the_piano_teeth

Check out my website: https://www.pianoteeth.co.uk/

Many thanks to Chris R. Wright for the original artwork.

And thank you to Matteo Mussetti (@4get2eat) for the sound design.

Please note that nothing you hear in this podcast should in anyway be taken seriously. It's the insane ramblings of a mad man. Due to its graphic content, obscene language and disgusting themes - I highly recommend it not be listened to by anyone. At all.

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