Piano Teeth


September 6, 2021

Hello gorgeous creeps.


Did you miss me? I have returned to your heads with a marvellous audio delight, featuring none other than former popstar, turned actor, BILLIE PIPER.


In this episode Jasper is getting ready for his annual Bunga-Bunga party and we hear an overly emotional advert for a car. Then we're sucked down the plughole and meet a taxi driver called Keeley, who meets her idol Billie Piper, holding a gun and stood by a burning car with dead celebrities at her feet. This begins a balls to the w adventure through the streets of London and beyond. Involving many famous faces and a conspiracy that will change the world forever. Please note this is only PART 1, you'll have to wait for the rest you naughty minx.


Featuring Billie Piper, Noel Edmonds, London Taxi's, Bunga-Bunga parties, Cars, Masculinity, Russell Brand, Eddie Redmayne, Motorbikes, Conspiracy theories, Silvio Berlusconi, Dame Judi Dench, Tokyo, Doctor Who.


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Sound Designer: Matteo Musetti (@4get2eat)

Original artwork: Chris R. Wright (@chrisrwright)

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