Piano Teeth


July 8, 2020

Hello gorgeous creeps. My name is Piano Teeth. The bleach sodden, skinless storyteller, and the voice inside your head. Thank you for having me.

Roll-up! Roll-up! In this week's marvelous eargasm we journey to Hector's Circus and meet its eponymous, machiavellian, black-clad, Ringmaster. Hector always puts on a good show and tonight's entertainment involves a viscous boxing match between two men dressed as a Mummy & Baby. The crowd loves it. You will love it. So sit back, grab the bleach, put me in your mind and join me on this fantastical tale. Featuring murderous clowns, a zebra, boxing, bearded ladies, conjoined twins, a chimpanzee, nunchucks, and of course love. Enjoy. Like. Subscribe. Share. Scum.

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And if you wish to pester me, share artwork inspired by the episode or send Jasper and me some nudes. Then you can get in touch via e-mail pianoteethis@gmail.com.

 Created by Piano Teeth

Sound Design by Matteo Musetti (@4get2eat)

Artwork by Chris R. Wright (@chrisrwright)

Internet by Sir Tim Berners-Lee 

Bleach Martini's by Jasper

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