Piano Teeth


July 22, 2020

Hello my gorgeous creeps!


It is I. Piano Teeth. Your bleach sodden, bath dwelling, skinless storyteller. Back with another audio delight for you to put in your ears and run rings round your mind.


Forgive me, Jasper the Toad interrupts my introduction to this episode. However, he gets put in his place and I soon bring it back on the premium track that you're used to. 


In this fantastic episode, we encounter Sir Cecil Gubbington, running for his life through some woods. He's being chased by a gang of murderous Foxes, who've had quite enough of being hunted for sport and so turn on their horse-riding hunters, picking them off one by one. Sir Cecil believes he's the last one left and he must get out of the woods alive and warn the authorities of the new Fox enemy. Featuring Foxes, Stags, Hunters, Forests, Posh people, Queen's, LSD, muddy puddles, Tree perverts, urine and so much more! You'll have to get stuck in and find out what happens.

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This episode was created by Piano Teeth.


Artwork created under much duress by Chris R. Wright.


The sound was lovingly designed by Matteo Musetti.


Jasper the Toad did fuck all as per.


Until next time. Be well.



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