Piano Teeth


July 29, 2020

Hello gorgeous creeps.


How are your minds? Ready for me to launch in and deliver my weekly eargasm of audio delight? I hope so.


We will be taking a departure from the usual as thanks to the disco biscuits provided by my friend Captain WillyFingers, I'm in far too delicate a state for a bleach soaked helter-skelter into a brain cracking story. Instead, I answer some of the questions sent into me by the sexy scumbags that put me in their ears. You, basically. I then put on a vinyl sent to me by Tom Waits where he takes us on a soothing guided meditation. It really is something else.


Listen now for; advice on how to become a Dinosaur, an explanation as to why I drink bleach, Nelson Mandela's hardcore mix-tape, vomit, the land of Ombagaluk, Tracey the space Octopus, England Rugby Team, Mongolian confessions, Fife, lackluster advertising, skeleton crews, dogs, X-ray machines and the secret to the universe itself.


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This episode was created by Piano Teeth.


The sound was designed by Matteo Musetti. (@4get2eat)


Artwork made under great duress by Chris R. Wright @chrisrwright


Vomit was cleaned up by Jasper the Toad.

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